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Hourly Comic...
I  actually did it, but haven't yet found the energy to scan it, etc. Just the usual stuff...There are already plenty of good ones on the website, though... nbsp;     ...I'd never seen Pabst's PANDORA'S BOX, but checked it out over the weekend. It really is terrific, and the DVD features an interesting documentary about Louise Brooks,as well.             LJ won't let me do paragraphs again. Fap...A crazy old drunk/junkie woman shouted out in the park about how I was losing weight. 'Nice' of her...I guess it must be fairly noticeable, now, as that woman is so profoundly out of it, you woudn't think she'd notice if I'd lost my head, much less a few stone...looking forward to the Richard III revelations tonight.   IMG nbsp;                                                     

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It's him! Well, his bones.

It's been pretty obvious for a couple of months, since they brought that descendant in from Canada. Petty cool, nonetheless!

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