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Imbolc Comic Project...

I'm still doing it, for Hourly Comics Day. Noting worthwhile, just another chronicle of my listless life. at least it's a distraction from the Great Hunger of 2013. I even ate some biscuits today, like one of those  pitiful cases on obesity porn TV shows! Jeez Louise...
This week's DVDs have been the horribly fascinating QUEEN OF VERSAILLES about a rather unnerving super-rich couple falling on hard times. The wife, a former beauty queen, had one of her late dogs stuffed in a glass case ( present from her much older hubby!) and another had been skinned after it got run over, to provide a throw for her grand piano. Brrrr..., and THE IMPOSTOR, another beggars-belief true story about a con man who pretended to be a missing boy, several years later, and was accepted by the family despite not looking anything like the kid (brown eyes instead of blue, etc.) and having a pronounced French accent, altough the boy had grown up in an Anglophone family. Nowt so queer...



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