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Imbolc Comic Project...
I'm still doing it, for Hourly Comics Day. Noting worthwhile, just another chronicle of my listless life. at least it's a distraction from the Great Hunger of 2013. I even ate some biscuits today, like one of those  pitiful cases on obesity porn TV shows! Jeez Louise...
This week's DVDs have been the horribly fascinating QUEEN OF VERSAILLES about a rather unnerving super-rich couple falling on hard times. The wife, a former beauty queen, had one of her late dogs stuffed in a glass case ( present from her much older hubby!) and another had been skinned after it got run over, to provide a throw for her grand piano. Brrrr..., and THE IMPOSTOR, another beggars-belief true story about a con man who pretended to be a missing boy, several years later, and was accepted by the family despite not looking anything like the kid (brown eyes instead of blue, etc.) and having a pronounced French accent, altough the boy had grown up in an Anglophone family. Nowt so queer...


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Seems cosmically unfair that you should be hungry when I thought the whole point was to be less hungry. Hopefully it's because of the slop diet and will improve down the line.

You seem thinner in the face from your self-portrait - it does give you an imperious look. (No bad thing I mean it in the old definition of the word. A haughty regal stare!)

Edited at 2013-02-02 01:42 pm (UTC)

I'm rather skilled at Baleful Stares!

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