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London has been having a mini-snowpocalypse this afternoon, but I don't think it will amount to much. It was already slushy and slidy when I shuffled out to the Co-Op on the corner for yet more soup. In this weather, I'm longing for CARBS, but I'm probably 'overindulging' already. My stomach sure desn't feel any smaller...I've been enjoying THE BORGIAS series 2, which seems a lot better than what I saw of the first one. I tend to mock Jeremy Irons (well who could have seen him charging naked down the stairs in DAMAGE without chortling at the sight of him forever after?) but he's really extremely (intentionally) amusing as the Borgia Pope. There's also non-stop Renaissance feudin', fuckin' and fightin', plus Stephen Berkoff frothing at the mouth as Savonarola. Fab. I also fondly recall the equally mad TV series of yesteryear that starred a venerable Italian actor, who actually vaguely resembled Alexander VI, but spoke no English and had to learn all his lines phonetically. That provided a lot of innocent merriment, too.                                                                                                         


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