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Taters!  Went out with R his morning, but it was too cold to wait around for her to yak to the other dog people, etc. I crossed the road, posted some stuff, and bought a few bits, then  went back in... Still dizzy on and off, and bloody hungry. Wonder if I've lost any more? R, of course, treated me to a tale she picked up from one of the other dogwalkers on the common...'Her bruzzer had zis operation and only lost two stone in six months. You were doing so well with only exercise, and now you can hardly move...'  I just switch off, as usual, but *+@~!!!!                                          IMGIMG_0001

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Oy, my earworm for Xmas 08 was Frosty. I came to see him as an avenging symbol, taking arms against an opressive world who built snowmen like him and just let them melt away, down through the village with a broomstick in his hand like a flaming sword.

Christ, it was bad enough when R was chuntering on before the operation as at least one could make the lame excuse that she was trying to change your mind. Yapping on about it now really has no excuse at all. She deserves what Georgette Heyer used to describe as a sharp setdown. (Also, you can hardly move? You've just had surgery! What does she expect, a bloody marathon?)

'Sharp setdown' chortle...
I just give her a stern Paddington, but she doesn't get it.

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