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Sweatin' Bullets...

Still so much I've neglected to do, and I can't concentrate on much, except how scared I am. Wibbleissimo!  I'm really hungry, too, although I did have some soup with 'bits', and a couple of clementines yesterday. Maybe I don't even have to be 'fasting'...Oh well, better safe than sorry. I'll be very peeved if they postpone, though, after all this tension, and missing out on decent holiday scran. (Yams! Parsnips! Cranberry Jelly! Onion Gravy & Veggie Stuffing!)...   In media-land, the loathesome frog-man, Derek Branning  of EASTENDERS, is Hovis at last,  a very long time since his demise was leaked in the press. He didn't even get murdered, just had a heart attack while raging  drunkenly. Wotta swizz...There was nothing else on, so for wallpaper TV, I had CALL THE MIDWIFE, which is so hugely popular, I have to look at it now and then, to try and figure out WHY...It was no better or worse than usual. I did feel a bit heartwarmed when the earthy nun said 'Whererever you be, let your wind go free!' a favoured saying of my old Nana Cass.  I wasn't compelled to turn it off, anyway. Can't say the same for DOWNTON ABBEY, also greatly beloved of the public . It seemed to be going on forever and ever, and I loathe all the characters (like BATES!) soo much (with a slight soft spot for the sinister O'Brien-) that I just had to utter some foul oaths and head  for Radio 4 .                                                IMG nbsp;                                                                                                                 

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