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Scared Christmas...
scared scrooge
I suppose I should go on liquids today. I've had no info from the hospital, but they say it's best, from what I've read/seen; shrinks yer liver a bit, and makes it easier from them to rummage about. Wibble...
Why do they insist on still showing the bloody colourised version of the Alistair Sim SCROOGE on TV? It's still good, if you haven't seen it in beautifully atmospheric B&W, but sheesh...
Watched LOVING MISS HATTO last night, which was quite touching. I sniffled a bit.
R Next Door, of course, is having a field day with the latest NHS scandal, about the poor souls left wallowing in their faeces, and starving to death. I grunt and nod.
Did have a really nice, encouraging email from the sibling, though.
Hope everyone enjoys a cosy, pleasant 'festivus' despite the manky weather.


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Liquids already! Sounds a bit harsh, surely you have 3 days before the op or has it been brought forward?

(((hugs))) and good luck

Sending you warm wishes, luck and courage--((Hugs)) When I was doing the pre-op 3 day... I could have clear bovril, gatorade, popsicles... Not sure what they've recommended. Take care my friend!!

Thanks guys, keep the prayers/incantations/vibes etc. comin' my way, please!

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