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Angry Old Woman...

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It's my birthday, so I'm ultra-enraged at the cruelty of fate! I finally passed in my Photoshop projects in the nick of time; just so the instructor won't get in trouble. I don't expect to pass, but don't really care at this point. I thought I might go and see the Magic Pencil exhibit, or visit Tate Modern at last, but I just couldn't be arsed. Too stiff and bent and gimpy...
Strange news footage of riot police waving billyclubs and screaming, charging into a 'QuickeeMart'-type place! (They were siezing drugs and contraband fags in Haringey!)
Paul Kelleher is to serve time, most likely, for decapitating the hideous statue of Thatcher with a cricket bat. He should get an Arts Council grant. Bastards.

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