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Raw Weather...

Really vile in the park this morning. The 'Benny' hat was on. I continued clearing out cupboards and only discovered ANOTHER really nice, multi-pocketed waterproof jacket that I must have bought on sale  years ago, and kept in hopes it would fit someday, then forgot about. Yes, it fits now...
Saw a truly tedious horror, WEREWOLF:THE BEAST AMONG US. Stephen Rea was in it, but it was utterly dull and stupid. There were some nice Romanian locations, but the actual werewolves were rubbish, not very well animated with silly-looking snouts. Also seen this week, THE CHORUS, a well-made feelgood film about a dedicated choirmaster helping unfortunate boys. I enjoyed it, actually.
Weather was decent yesterday, so I wandered over to the South Bank to see what this year's Christmas Market was like. Not as grim as the last one, and some of the food, although ludicrously overpriced (£4+ for a sausage?) looked and smelled tempting; nothing like the droolsome German goodies, though. The stalls were otherwise fairly hopeless, flogging crazily costly things that nobody would want. One was almost entirely devoted to £12 wooden neckties!

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