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Still More Tourist Stuff (4)...


IMG_0005Feet completely FUBAR'd, despite loads of plasters, etc. Ow.
There was a pretty fall of snow in the night, but not so much left by the time we hit  Frankfurt. The Old Town is amazingly conincing. You'd never know it had been virtually destroyed in WW2. The markets actually seemed to have more 'character' than in Hiedelberg. The gluhwein was more potent, and generally, the food more varied and tempting, although we didn't partake (except for the chocolate-covered pretzel...)
It was getting horribly crowded, and the weather was turning nasty, by the time we were bussed back to the hotel. My feet, by then, were so bad, I thought I might have to travel home in my slippers. Still, I'm glad we got there. The churches, again, were a bit lacking in thrill factor, and the ride on the old tram, in addition to the hideous high steps, wasn't that great view-wise, (small windows, and I  was sitting backwards..). The complementary sour apple wine, which a lot of people disliked, was OK, though,although it's better still hot and spiced.

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