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Tourist Stuff (3)..

On our 'free day' in Hiedelberg,I dragged H to see the Prinzhorn Collection. We ended up getting a taxi, as while it wasn't actually that far from the market, when you don't know the city, it's very remote and difficult to find. Our driver had never heard of it, and there were few other visitors. I had imagined it would be much more of a 'big thing'.
I was also a little disappointed that not that much of the collection is on display in the galleries, although I greatly enjoyed what we saw. There were, alas, stairs. Stairs in the dark, behind the screen in the exhibition room... We managed, though. My blisters were getting worse and worse, and I became increasingly grumpy, rather dreading the excursion to Frankfurt on Sunday... Most of the day was spent hobbling around, gawking. Nice little place, Hiedelberg. Lots of statues about, although as noted preiously the churches are somewhat lacking in spectacle.
Saw two beggars putting on one of the most unnerving 'shows' I've seen, real old-fashioned India stuff. They were young men, poorly dressed for the cold,kneeling on the hard pavement, with only thin cushions. As people passed, they lunged forward, moaning and babbling, with imploring gestures, including desperate prostrations. Unfortunately, they alarmed everyone so much that nobody gave them any money.


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