Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Tourist Stuff (2)...



We were knackered in the morning, of course, but enjoyed a massive buffet breakfast. H is diabetic, and has to be sure she has food on her at the proper times, so she always makes up some rolls & cheese, kindly doing a couple for me, which is always handy; saves lunch money.
We were bussed to the centre where this guy took us on a walk arounf the Old Town. God, he was boring. Largely, he plugged various eateries and bars. (To give him his due, that's the sort of info it seems most of the group wanted.) He also related incredibly dry historical anecdotes.
We were set loose, and went up the finicular thing to the castle courtyard; didn't go in, though,and missed the Great Heidelberg Tun and statue of the famous drunken dwarf. There didn't seem to be much else to see.
Then, of course, we wandered the market, and bought potato cakes, but couldn't finish one portion between the two of us. Although delicious, they are just so grease-laden that you're full after about three bites. Shame to waste it, but you'd just puke if you had any more. Opposite us, a man was eating something lovely and squishy-looking in a pudding basin, which, when questioned, he said was 'vanilla pudding.' I really fancied it. and wished I had noticed it before filling up of the potato cakes.
I was suffering badly with my feet, and deeloping a giant blister, although I'd bought reasonably broken-in, sensible shoes. Why meeee?  We did some church-hopping, but I have to say there was nothing really exquisite. In the Jesuit church, we'd intended to check out the museum of religious art, but of course, it turned out to be up several floors of frightening open spiral stairs, and there was no way we could do it. FUCK!
We teetered around a bit more, found the bus stop back to the hotel, then grabbed a bit of snacky stuff, before trying the mini-gym, and retiring for the night to flop out watching telly and reading.

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