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Looks like I may have a valid excuse for not exercising today...
Later:R rang the buzzer just as I was typing that... I went down, as there was a lull, but then it let rip, and I only got about 3/4 through my routine. Oh well. I would have preferred not to do it at all, but I'm 'good'. Went on to LIDL, as I was wet anyway, but they didn't have the 'Yoga Socks' from th leaflet. Bum.
Yesterday I foolishly went into Cass Arts and squandered money I don't have, as I always do. Then I had a look at the little Marilyn Monroe exhibit, and the Photography Prize at the NPG. There were a few rather interesting portraits tis time, including Mo Farah looking surprisingly like a saint in an ikon.
Saw a woman on OBESITY WARD having the same op as I'm about to undergo. Not a pretty sight, but it sure worked for her...Unlike the 47 stone guy, who was too fat to risk an op. They gave him one of those gastric balloons. Of course, before he had that, he was in hospital on a strict diet for some time, but  didn't lose because he kept buying junk food from the trolley. Pissed me off, that. Viewers are supposed to think all fat folk are in major denial and always scoffing shit. Like 'benefit scroungers' there's the odd eejit who's really like that, but the vast majority of us are just 'drawn that way'.


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