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Mayan Calendar Madness...
Got my 'workout' done again, complete with village idiot hat to keep my ears from snapping off. R Nxt Door and I are getting on each other's nerves, as I keep trying to get her to go to her doctor NOW, and try and get something sorted about her fucked-up appeal. She, of course, says she's just given up, she's ready to die, and/or the apocalypse is coming on the 21st anyway. (She's stocking up on water...), and/or she's made a bargain with God that if I don't have 'zis terrible operation', she'll do something about sorting out her benefits mess!!!  I have to just try and block it out. I don't want to fall out with her, but Jeezus...Today she 'caught' me with an Amazon box in my recycling (my Christmas present to myself, MY FRIEND DAHMER, and DRAWN TOGETHER-) and was morally outraged...
The DOOR saga, needless to say, continues.
My BT TV is frelled yet again. I can't feckin' bear it! ...
Watched PROMETHEUS, which was good, but not great. Odd that with all the state-of-the-art visual wonderment, the 'old' makeup for the ancient 'Wayland' was so very lame.


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Oh the joys of emotional blackmail from R then... as you say, just have to try to shut it out but it's very hard to do :-(

Goddammit! R sounds really bloody annoying. Not what you want at this time, and what the foosh is wrong with amazon? Have I missed something?

Like Starbucks and some other big companies, they've been dodging tax. I ordered the effing books before I knew, and frankly, probably would have anyway. I'm baaaad!

If the world ends, WHY NOT buy stuff?

Exactly. I can catch up on the Crumbs before everything goes boom.

Is there any way you can hide from her to get a bit of breathing space? Like maybe make a big fuss about popping out for some sugar and slam the door and then sneak back in to your flat...

I'm always astounded by R's unerring ability to say the exactly most unhelpful, hurtful and enraging thing in any situation. It's a gift.

It is, really. It fascinates me. (Reminds me of me dear old mum!)

I'm deeply impressed you manage to rise above it! I would have clocked her long since.

Eek! That R sounds like a real treat. :p

She's great material, though...

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