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Weird dreams and a restless night. I have to get so much sorted and tidied before the looming op, but I just want to sleep more than ever. I can't read, draw, write, even watch TV. I was enjoying WOLF HALL, but laid it aside weeks ago, only about 20 pages from the end, and haven't been able to pick it up. So strange.
R Next Door isn't helping, of course, banging on about how I'm risking my life, and terrible things are sure to happen...She should talk. It seems that after all my efforts in getting her to see her doctor more often to describe the state she's in, and get help with her ATOS problems, she never filled in the appeal forms, etc. that the woman at the citizens' advice gave her, and just mopes on about how she's arranged for the animals to be rehomed when she kills herself. ('When zey come to evict me, I shall jump out ze window...') Now, most of this is probably her usual hysteria, but you can't ignore stuff like that, either. I can't afford to let her drag me down, yet I feel obliged to help, somehow.
It's infuriating and upsetting. Guh...It's also weird that she's still obsessing away about the DOOR debacle, when she's planning on being dead, anyway...
Watched the rest of MAD MEN 5, which didn't really draw me in this time until the last few episodes.

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What's the recovery time like for the surgery? Will you have someone keeping an eye on you when you get back from hospital, or are you arranging to go somewhere after surgery to recover?

That is worrying about R. Sounds really frustrating and saddening.

Edited at 2012-12-09 10:19 am (UTC)

Well, they say rcovery is about four weeks, with a pretty bad first week. They insist someone should stay with me for at least a few days after release, and my friend H, bless her, has agreed to, much as I hate to impose upon her.

Sorry but R sounds terribly manipulative over this.

PLEASE GET BETTER. You sound like you have what I had earlier this year - same symptoms. IT WILL PASS.

Thanks; largely 'nerves', I think, I'm well over that virus now.

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