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Shamefully, I din't exercise at all, today. It just felt so impossibly cold out there.. That's strange, for me, as I've always been a winter person. It's been so many years, though, since we had a proper cold season, that I may have lost my tolerance...or it's just the feebleness of old age. I also feel rather ill, bad stomach, very achy,etc. Can't keep this up, though. I have to try and lose a bit more weight before the op. ( Wibble...)
R Next Door was hassling me to help with DOOR updates to give out to tenants. I really can't get into it.
Didn't actually draw much in Germany, and haven't had the strength yet to scan it in. I didn't get stuck in any aisles, though, and actually got up and down  the horribly high steps on coaches and  an ancient tram. Last year, I really wouldn't have made it. Of course, my walking and enjoyment were limited this time by the most horrendous blister in history. I had two pairs of fairly well broken-in shoes, and they both ended up hurting ferociously. Maybe it was the constant cobblestone surface, I dunno...
Hiedelberg has quite a few interesting statues about, and I dragged Hazel to the Prinzhorn Gallery, which we never would have found without splurging on a taxi. Love that art brut.
The Crowne Plaza Hotel was very swank for the likes of me, and the food was most pukka.I'm afraid I guzzled four types of kuchen at the little coffee & cake session they laid on. Yes, was good! 
We even used the little gym (briefly-)
I liked Frankfurt rather more than I expected to. The market there actually seemed more atmospheric than the one in Heidelberg, and the gluhwein was more potent.  (More as it comes to mind...)


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