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Ohhh, Looky...

Courtesy of Mr. Mooncat, an old review of FLOCK OF DREAMERS/ interview with Bob kathman,illustrated by my daubs on the same page as Crumb!
I was going to ENO to see the KHOVANSHCHINA dress rehearsal, but I dunno, it becomes harder and harder to show my face there. I feel like a ghost. (Christ, to most of those people, I was a ghost when I was there) Why should I give a toss? I'm hurting no one but myself...I'm just not in the mood, though. I feel like getting some proper work done, today, and God knows that hasn't been easy recently.
Wotan is still taking the tablets, and I really think he looks/feels a bit more substantial, less skeletal. Hope I'm not deluding myself, but Renate-next-door commented on it, too. Guarded optimism, then...
I saw an item in yesterday's OBSERVER by Oliver James,(not on the website, annoyingly-) all about 'dependent depression'-Bingo! except for the 'no appetite' bit (an' I get that more often than anyone would believe, to look at me...)he's diagnosed me to a T.
Here we are on the eve o' destruction and I'm ranting about my piss-foolish agonies as usual. I've gotta actually admire myself for the utter unquenchability of my monstrous ego...mon panache!
Speaking of the End Times, I surfed into this truly demented site presided over by some mad renegade priest. It's a gold mine!

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