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Fear And Trembling...
I'm still completely destroyed from the trip. Thank heaven, I managed relatively well, but by the time I got indoors, I was a compete weck, and I've been exhausted and full of pains since...I did get my exercising done, but cut it a bit short this morning. I was really cold, and with all the owies to boot, I was bloody stiff.
I discovered a letter  from King's College awaiting me, saying that my tentativ admission date is 27 December! I'm totally petrified. Oh Christ, I hope I don't die, etc. etc. Am I doing the right thing?
Watched the final eps of BREAKING BAD, series 4. God, it's so good. Whoo!
R Next Door is carrying on about the door debacle.One of the people who signed our petition evidently changed his mind, as they installed his new door today. We've still had no response from the Council. but several tenants have reported being threatened with £2000 fines by the contractors, if they don't consent to new doors.. If true, that's gotta be illegal. I'm not in the mood to crusade, though. I'm feeling way too feeble.

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Wow- 27th is so soon! Can offer no advice- just good luck and lots of good wishes for the operation if you do have it. I've got to go in to the doctors again due to my blood tests coming back as abnormal- I think i've officially got death fat now.

Not too abnormal, I hope...
In addition to terror, i feel slightly guilty about this whole thing, as I do believe that in a way, I'm condoning fat hatred, and giving in to the staus quo. I do want to live as long as possible, though (Gods know why-)and be as mobile and fit as possible, which my size has been hampering...

I think your quality and quantity of life is more important than worrying about what people might/might not think.

Hope you feel better soon & certainly before you need to sort out going in for the op. Good luck with everything xx

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