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Lula's Sinuses...
life is pain
R got her to Victoria OK, but the train fare canme to over £10!  Plus, of course, she had to contribute something, and has to take Lula back tomorrow, to see how she's doing, and possibly have more tests, etc. Thank the gods for these 'free' animal hospitals. It's all a hassle and strain, though... The swelling's gone down a bit, and Lula seems more 'herself', so fingers crossed.
Had a windy, muddy workout, and now I'm going to start getting my suitcase sorted for the jaunt to Germany.
Bugger all on telly for us old farts who don't go out on the pull last night, but at least we had THE KILLING and the sublime Sarah Lund wore her best hairy jumper, the navy with whitebits.


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Excellent depiction of being zonked on painkillers. Were you actually wearing an orange top? I do find a couple of prescription co-codamol (the 30/500 ones) make things go a bit orange and fuzzy.

I've been reading some of your previous entries and it's inspired me to set up an account here. I had a Blogger account but never kept it up and now feel embarrassed to continue with it, but it's been fascinating following your updates here so I'm hoping to stick to this one if I can.

Yup, I really am wearing an orange top.
The painkiller patch isn't working on the actual owies, just sending me gaga...

Ooooh! Are you going to check out the Christmas markets? I'd love to do that one day, but it might be tricky now I'm teaching. Looking forward to your illustrated report!

Yup, this year we're doing Heidelberg and Frankfurt. I do love Christmas markets, although there's seldom anything I'd actually want to buy...apart from pretzels, potato cakes, etc.
Looking forward to eating imprudently and doing prenty of church-gawping.

That is such an excellent fat, winged dancer.

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