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DVDs this week were COSMOPOLIS, which looked good, but I found extremely tedious. Paul Giamatti was good, though, and young Mr Pattinson may become quite a good actor, as he emerges from his teen dream period. (He does look more interesting sparkly, though-)
THE MAN WHO CHANGED HIS MIND was a Boris karloff mad scientist opus, which was also pretty boring, although it was amusing when the chain-smoking boffin kept lighting his fags on the Bunsen burner .
Then I re-watched DR PHIBES RISES AGAIN after many, many years. Totally mental, and still fairly entertaining.
I have a zillion things to be doing, but, as usual, l just keep getting sidetracked. I've missed all the big comic events in London this week; just feel too old and out of it, not that I ever was really part of 'the scene.' Fap...

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ha ha - stinky but friendly dog!

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