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I am sooo very exhausted i can barely sit up. I left at about 7:00 AM, luckily having checked the letter first. It was King's College Hospital I actually had to schlep to this time, at Denmark Hill, which is a bit less of a gruesome trip by bus than London Bridge.
I then had to have the whole long talk about my health history, every medication I've ever taken, etc., with a (pleasant, thank the gods-) nurse, then trek off to various departments for a chest X-ray, blood tests, and what have you. It was a nightmare, as they were very short-staffed,and the waits were LONG. good thing I remembered to bring a book.
It finished of with a chat to another cheerful nursey type who advises on post-op stuff and diet, and then I was released after five hours in the dismal, stuffy hellhole. (Sure to get a cold, now-)
No actual date was given, but I think this time it's going to be pretty soon, as I am third on the list.
The amazing thing is that I seem to have lost fuckin' TWENTY KILOS since the last time I was weighed, about a year ago. I knew I'd lost something, but this is astonishing. Better yet is the fact that my blood pressure is lower than it's ever been. I was always 'high normal' until a few years ago when I started having to take tablets. If it keeps up like this I might be able to come off them, in a while.
I still think there must be an error somewhere. I'm pretty thrilled, actually...Of course that didn't motivate me to work out this afternoon, as I'd intended; I'm just spent. I'll be lucky to stay awake through EASTENDERS





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