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Shiver & Shake...
God, this flat's cold. It's been a long time since we've had a real winter. Wonder if we're in store for one?
First DVD of BREAKING BAD season 4 arrived. Chortle! haven't watched it yet.
My sister finally emailed. They didn't do too badly in the storm upstate, but several trees on their property were downed including one about ten feet from the house. Whew.
The church across the road put on a really spectacular fireworks show tonight; their best ever. Luckily Amazy wasn't too bothered. The bonfire was a bit less impressive than usual, though, perhaps due to the wind.


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I'm with you on the many layer thing. When working or drawing at me desk and computer, I favour a long sleeved T, a cardi and then stacking up multiple ponchos - like infinite pyramids. I may even resort to gloves. (And this is with a small electric heater next to me.)
Every winter, I get tempted by the prospect of a mono slipper. Tragic but true. In my defence, if my feet and hands get chilled they bloody hurt!

I have a pair of heated slippers I can plug into a USB port. BLISS ON WHEELS.

I just shouted I want some of those, but Jay pointed out that due to my habit of tripping over laptop leads etc I'd probably injure myself the first time I tried them!

I had no idea such things existed! O_o

I'm sorely tempted, but the usb slippers I've seen on the net don't cover the ankles (which get hurty when cold) so alas I may still have to go for the considerably less cool mono slipper.

You're right that they don't cover the ankles, but I find they're so toasty that the ankles warm up anyway. In fact, they get so warm that ten minutes of USB toastiness is enough to keep my feet warm afterwards for hours. And my feet/ankles/lower legs are normally so cold I could keep sides of beef fresh with them.

As for the non-coolness of the monoslipper, the USB ones are pink with little bows so I'm not sure there's any advantage in street cred there.

I have a pair of those silky fingerless gloves that are supposed to ease your arhtritis...(Well, they do warm your hands while allowing maximum flexibility) for indoors, and yes, the ever resourceful poncho is a great gift from the gods.
I just wear slippersocks on de feet, though. I find ordinary slippers kinda bulky and confining and go barefoot or flipflopped until it gets proper cold. I like those monoslippers, though, they always look kind of like fabric toasters!

Oooh, I may have to keep an eye out for those gloves. Googling shows ones that go over the wrist (a hurty area - I often wear wristwarmers for the pain, sometimes even in bed) so most tempting.

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