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It's been a knackering day, but worthwhile, all in all. First, I couldn't find my bloody rehearsal ticket. Gods know where I put it. Didn't have a problem getting in, though. One of the box office peeps even remembered my name! Golly...
I 'm rather familiar with PIGRIM'S PROGRESS, as I was fascinated as a child with a 'young peoples' edition' in the library, that had zillions of photo-realistic illos of all the characters Christian encounters. I took it out several times, just to study them. I'd love to see them again, but have no idea who the artist was.
Anyway, this Ralph Vaughn Williams version was very pretty, in an old-fashioned, sometimes slightly 'churchy' style. It was  certainly well done, although I sometimes rather wished for something more exotic. The set was all variations on Bunyan's prison cell, with the cast wearing concentration camp-type uniforms, and Christian attaining Paradise via the electric chair!
The singing was just tremendous, with Roland Wood as Bunyan/Christian Using his lovely, plangent voice with huge sensitivity.  The whole cast was superb, and I was also particularly taken with the voice of Kitty Whately, in several roles; quite 'angelic.' There was also some rather cool puppetry., with a heavily MIGHTY BOOSH influenced Apollyon.The second half dragged slightly, but not unbearably, and the audience lapped it all up, and  Mr Wood deservedly brought the house down at the end. I liked it a lot better than I was expecting to, and as it's so rarely performed, with cheap seats  probably still available, I suggest checking it out, if you fancy  some West End action.
I went home, had some soup, and schlepped off to the GP's surgery. I've got my flu jab out of the way at last, and the doctor insists that there's no way I'll lose my benefits in the spring. Wish I could believe her. Oh well, I'll just take the new tablets and try not to think about it...
Here are some extra-crude, drawn-in-the-dark doodles;


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