Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Still Faffin' About...


Uh, here are a couple of doodlediary bits I've retrieved: sloppier than usual, even, but hey, I'm trying.
Went to LIDL after exercising, and bought some cheap sweets, in case of kids. I've never done that before. They very seldom come trick-or-treating around here, and I usually just don't answer the door when they do.
Bleach actually worked on my salt&pepper hair. I used Schwartzkopf LIVE, the lightest blonde... Heh.Pleased, now. R Next Doorwas impressed, and also gave her usual admonition that if I must have it cut, I should wear a scarf (!) outdoors for the first few days. ('It chust looks zso...terrible!') I honestly don't think the 'Curly Stooge' stage looks any worse than the current 'Ken Dodd' look, and is much more comfortable.
Mr Al Davison posted on FB recently about some new brush pens, Bimoji, from Kuretake. I can never resist such things, of course, and bought a couple on Ebay. Check 'em out! I think they're excellent; really nice 'hand-feel'

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