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I'm feeling profoundly old and stupid. Can't seem to get anything together. It also feels like I'm getting another cold. I've still got the last one. I'm trying to hold out putting on the central heating until bonfire night, but it's getting pretty dank in here.
charlottecooper  very kindly visited the other day, and helped me with some totally basic tecchie stuff. Unfortunately, I'm now having trouble scanning my doodles to where I want them to go, but I'll figure it out eventually.
Saw some cool footage on FB of the Gowanus Canal (Brooklyn, NY-) in the storm. As a very small kid, I lived near there, and the area this film was taken in actually looks the same, grim and ghostly, with the canal water an incredibly thick pea soup green and yucky. Of course, it's really kind of an arty, up-and-coming neighbourhood, now, but these images took me back.
Since I can't find my stoopid doodles, here's a photo of  old advertising off Lavender Hill.

Lavender Hill ads

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, they shoud have been in Pictures, but they weren't. I found 'em in the end in 'Touchsmart Images' and then, they magically re-appeared in Pictures No understando, needless to say, but all is well! thanks again for helping out. ;D

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