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Bloody Hell...
wtf cat
More coughing, coughing, coughing. It's so tiring. I was pleased that I captured Amazy easily, anyway, and she was quite co-operative about going to the vet... It turns out she's bloody hyperthyroid! Blood tests won't be back for a day or so, but you can actually feel the lumps in her throat. (I'd also been congratulating myself that she'd slimmed down, due, I thought, to the posh expensive food I've kept her on since last year when the vet said she was too heavy, and shouldn't eat the cheap stuff.)  I'm shattered. The feckin' expense! Today's outing for annual checkup,bloodwork, steroid shot for the skin trouble, etc.,came to £156.00, and the fun hasn't even started. I suppose I'll get some back from insurance, but then the premiums will go sky high, of course.There's also the delightful prospect of daily meds for the rest of her hairy lil' life, possible surgery, etc. etc. Great God, where art Thou?


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..and yet you create teh wonderful ('man hands' :) remembering Seinfeld). I'm sorry to hear about Amazy's diagnosis. Hope your cough goes away, .. and the Fog .. and the winter..

I LIKE winter, when I can get it together to do comix. Sorry, I'v e actually never watched Seinfeld, apart from the odd episode. Does he know about Godzilla's man hands?

Jerry (Seinfeld) was always finding reasons to ditch his latest girlfriend (basically, he liked being single and eating cornflakes at any time of day and they got in the way), which was built into a running gag, wherein his 'reasons' went from plausible ala the sort of manners sort of thing the Seinfeld the show delighted in, to more and more 'he's just like that' as it went on, - it's not them, it's him - one of the more absurd being 'she's got "man hands"'.

Good grief, you've not seen Seinfeld (properly). There are boxed sets you know.

I like Autumn.

Much appreciated. i feel crook.

Oh, suck! Poor Amazy, and poor you. Googling suggests that radioiodine therapy is one of the best treatment options - one treatment which is curative, plus 1-2 weeks away as the radioactivity settles down. No pills or surgery required. No doubt it's expensive, but since you have pet insurance, mightn't they pay for it? Sounds a lot easier than endless meds.

Yeh, I'd looked that up, but there are only 4 places in the UK that do it, and the cost would be enormous. I'd have to find out if it was coverd. Anyway, we'll see what the vet's definite verdict is.
Poor Wotan was on tablets first, then had to have the op, (which resulted in calcium failure!)then was still on tablets for the rst of his days. Mind you, he was about 15 before all that started. Amazy's only about 9, as far as we know.

Knowing insurance companies, no doubt they'll weasel out of it. Wow, nine, that's young. What lousy luck.

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