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Yup, Still Hacking...

This bloody cold intends to hang on. According to Google, I shouldn't be exercising, (Runny nose, sore throat, yes, coughing and/or asthma, no...) so I took it a bit easy in the park this morning, especially with the manky damp air making things still worse. It's actually quite creepy up here. You can barely see the ground at all, for the fog, and it's been like that all day and yesterday.
Yet another agonising session with BT Vision 'support'...crawling around in agony switching things on and off a million times, desperately trying to understand what 'Kevin' in Mumbai is talking about. Jeez...That is such a crap service, but I really don't want to have anything to do with Sky again, ever.
watched THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, out of curiosity. It has a huge number of star cameos, from Christopher Lee to Spike Milligan, but it is truly, totally dire. Interesting to see Yul Brynner in drag, though. Not bad, really!

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