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Really felt dank and chilly. Got my feet wet in the park, and I'm still coughing and snuffling. Th many people who turned out for the marches have my admiration. It was great to see. If only we had a proper left leadership with some brains, thoug. Milliband is way too rightwing for starters, and he's well, just pretty useless. Wonder what things would have been like if John Smith had lived?  Gods know he wasn't perfect, but he wasn't a wally, either...*Sigh*
Watched HELL, which I found  very dull. Also watced the rest of SPARTACUS:VENGEANCE, and must admit there were a couple of amazingly spectacular moments. The conflagration in the arena was something else; possibly the best thing of that type I've seen. With the end of this series, all the characters who were anything like interesting have met with gruesome deaths, so I don't see much hope of improvement in the final series.

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Gamera's unique anal flame propulsion!


You said "Crazy Japanese Martial Music:. Which can only mean:

Ha, very much that sort of thing!

Gamera is my favourite Japanese giant monster. Gamera - friend of all children (provided he doesn't land on them by accident)!!!!

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