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Am I REALLY Mad?...

Shrill little madam at the loan-payment insurance place left me swinging and cut me off for 'swearing' at her, when I queried her obvious ignorance of what I was enquiring about. I might have said 'bloody' or something, but honestly don't believe I said anything particularly unpleasant, given the way I was being pissed about. Am I developing Tourettte's or something, now? I actually felt weepy about it all day... Silly cow, she should have heard the abuse I took from callers, year after year, decade after decade. Feckin' feeble youth of today...Now looking at FOOTBALLERS' WIVES. Isn't 'Jason's' head way too small for his body? I have actually forgotten the reason I was going to make this entry. Oh nuts, I am crazy, I guess...

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