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H came over, and stayed last night, to avoid having to schlep from Romford in rush hour. We had pizza from from a good local place that does 'any size for £10', so scored an X-large, which provided enough to share with R Next Door. Haven't seen H in RL since around the time I started working out, months ago. She remarked that I seem to have shed a fair bit of weight, and that my walking has improved. Heh! (I have been trying to build up some  stamina in that department by staggering around a bit in the park, when there's nobody about.)
DON GIOVANNI was a modern dress 'economical'-looking affair, but not bad at all. Unfortunately,the excellent Iain Paterson was recovering from a throat infection, so not quite firing on all cylinders, but he was still very good indeed. The whole cast was solid, and I especially liked Darren Jeffery's Leporello, and Sarah Redgwick's ferocious Elvira.
Luckily, I didn't have any coughing/sneezing fits while in the theatre, but plenty everywhere else. I thought I might try exercising a bit, later in the day, but by then it was raining, and I copped out. Two missed days in a row. No good! Still, I don't want this bloody cold to last any longer than it has to, either.



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