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Oh great, I seem to have a really vile cold settling in. My nose is running like a tap, and I can't stop sneezing. Feck, I have a  Coli dress reharsal Monday morning, too. It's DON GIOVANNI, and I don't wanna miss it.
Amazy's dermatitis, which I'd thought was clearing, isn't. She's scratched a sore spot on her back, stoopid animal. She's going to have to go to the vet for her checkup soon, anyway, but I've  kept putting it off, because of all the stress and aggro, not to mention expense. Groan. R Next Door has given me a bit of the special medicinal honey she was prescribed for Pepe's wound, so it will be interesting to see if that helps. (It's dear, of course-)
Watched  Wim Wenders' THE PALERMO SHOOTING, about a jaded photographer who starts having curious visions (including one of a spectral Lou Reed!) as he ponders the mysteries of life and death. (Not as interesting as it sounds-) Some nice visual stuff...


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I've got myself tickets for Carmen and Mikado, and have sent off for tickets for Medea and Barber of Seville. Maybe I'll catch you at the intervals! I'd have gone for Traviata too if I could but it's on a workday. Would have loved to have seen Don Giovanni but got the listings too late. Enjoy!

I saw DON GIOVANNI this morning. Not the greatest production ever, but not half bad. Iain Patterson wasn't well, but he was still very good.
I'm going to MEDEA, so may see you there.

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