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Effing Tories, Etc.

Thank the gods the dismal political conventions are over. The Tories, of course,were giving me apoplexy day and night with their evil idiocies being bleated over and over on the media, no escape...At least I hope I was mistaken about having to pay £14 a week extra for having a dinky 'room too many'. I believe that may not be applied to long-standing tenants. hew. Fingers crossed, anyway. The whole proposal is absurd, anyway. I can't imagine who would consent to sharing their flat with some total stranger dumped on them by the council, which is the alternative to paying extra.
Managed not to get rained on while exercising, but got caught later. Bah.
Watched an okay-is indie vampire flick, HARSH LGHT OF DAY, tidied up, and faffed about, as per usual. Hey ho-
Must try to have an interesting celebrity dream to make a strip of. That cool DISTORTED MIRROR anthology is looking for submissions for a second volume.


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