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Dirty Old Men...

Further to the Jimmy Saville brouhaha...When I was at uni, there was a revered elderly member of the theatre studies faculty, a long-time denizen of Broadway, who taught us stage carpentry. He was brilliant, actually, I wish I could remember half of the fascinating and useful stuff he taught us...Anyway, the first time he groped a female student, you felt quite pleased. It was a sign that he accepted you as one of his crew!  (It never got really gross, just the odd squeeze and maybe a little bumsquish,) and we were in our late teens and all more or less 'experienced', so nobody was freaked out by it). He'd probably be arrested today. It may be yet another indication, of my complete lack of self-respect, but I still remember him with some affection. This is not to say it wasn't wrong. I dunno what it is to say, actually. Some dirty old men are dirtier than others? I don't think our Mr J- would have touched anyone under age, for sure.
Watched that curious old horror MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES. It's quite an oddity; the characters are stiff and unsympathetic, and the FX are feeble even by 1963 standards, yet there's something quite febrile and disturbing about it
There was a study of MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR on BBC2. Actually, I'm not very surprised it has't been seen for thirty years. I think they must have been on the brown acid... The last ten minutes or so were good, though, especially the Bonzos doing 'Death Cab For Cutie'.
Had a dream of being at some sort of  outdoor festival where a weird, cartoonish version of THE RING was performed. At one point, I started getting a bit disturbed. (Bryn Terfyl, was playing the Woodbird, and wearing a hat like Hoss' in BONANZA, with a big yellow feather in it.) An elderly black lady pulling a shopping trolley and wearing a bright 'Sunday Best' suit and hat came along  and reassured me that all was well.

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