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TMI: Bidet Functional...

Oh joy, the bloke came from Total Hygiene,flicked the proper switch, and was gone. I asked for a 'receipt' or job number of some sort, as if I'd had one last time, it might have made getting hold of them easier, but he said they don't do that...(!?) He assured me the original guy would get a 'royal bollocking' and I felt somehow guilty. Anyway, I may be spoilt, but I'm so used to having the bidet fuction now, that I felt really tainted not having it. It was a drag using extra toilet paper, too.and without the full spray, you had to flush 2-3 times to get everything gorn. Bleh.
Watched an etremely weird, hypnotic b&w film, THE TURIN HORSE, by Bela Tarr. Very strange indeed. It should have been unbearably boring, but was somehow gripping, even though it consisted largely of long takes of  miserable peasants getting dressed, undressed, and eating boiled potatoes with their fingers! 
That TV biodrama about Kenny Everett was interesting, too, although it was a bit long and repetitive. Oliver Lansley's impersonation of Mr E was really astonishing, visually and vocally..

Doodlediary time...                                IMG_0002

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