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Today's niggle: My left shoulder is so painful I can't lift my arm at all. Buggery! Well, I was planning on having a day off from exercise tomorrow, as I've got the hospital (shudder-) and various stuff, before JULIUS CAESAR at the Coli. Hope I can stay awake!
It's really been a crap week, with lots of annoyances, and this toilet thing is really upsetting me. Another pointless phone call today, with no response from anyone. I did manage to get a 'complaints' line number from the poor drone in the call centre, but I'll let it ride until Monday. I feel like writing my MP about it, I'm just so ANGRY...  It's such a trivial thing. If the operative they use hadn't fucked up while doing an 'annual service', it never would have happened, and now they (the council-) can't get in touch with them, and everyone blames everyone else, and sighs that 'since April', they can't really do anything at all about anything. I mean, if this is how they're dealing with my relatively small problem, what's happening with the major stuff, and how do the people not as articulate as I am ever get anywhere with these people?  Of couse, I'm actually getting nowhere, myself, but I intend to keep bitching. What's really the worst of it is the fact that nobody gives a flying fuck about sick old poor people, even when all they really ask is to be treated with a modicum of civility. *Whinge * Better get used to it, in the Big Society it ain't gonna get any better.
God, I want to go on a city break or something...
Saw CABIN IN THE WOODS, which I don't want to say anything abou,t for fear of Spoiling, but it's the torture porn slasher, to (thank gods-) end them all, and is very entertaining.

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