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I must have slept about 12 hours yesterday, and I'm still shattered today. Oy!  I'm exhausted all the time anyway, but it seems to be getting worse, instead of better.Doctors will tell you that exercise helps the fatigue syndrome stuff , but no; only for a short time afterwards, when you feel a bit perkier, then Pffft! Oh well...
I stayed in waiting for the bloody boiler inspection bod who bloody did not come or call, yesterday. They could at least have the common courtesy to tell you...*&^#+!!!
The light bulb in the sitting room blew out again. What does this mean?
The TV has also conked out. Oh joy...I've tried all the usual tricks to get it going again, but no luck so far. Not that there's anything on, worth watching, and thank gods I have the one in the bedroom to fall back on.


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