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Mundane Stuff...

Checked out the Evans closing-down sale at Clapham Common. They've been there forever. It seems weird they're going. I seldom buy anything there, of course; too dear, and usually not my style. There were a lot of decent jeans for a tenner, though, and a rather nice pair of boots at half price. I do not NEED, nor can I afford, new  jeans or boots, but I was tempted...
Watched ALBERT NOBBS, a poignant tale, well-acted, with nice old-Dublin atmosphere, but plodding.  I suppose Glenn Close passed efficiently, but looked like a wizened little mummy. I don't know how she was made up, but her mouth seemed to be stretched right across her face for some reason. (To look younger? Didn't work-) The lofty Janet McTeer, on the other hand, made a rather cute feller.
My other DVD, which I certainly don't think I ordered, was COLD LIGHT OF DAY, one of those films that consist entirely of car chases and things blowing up. It also featured Bruce Willis (wait for it-) as a 'cultural attache'!  (well, he was undercover, really...)
Also watched the new LILYHAMMER series, which was very, very bad indeed. Bah.
I've been exercising in the 'gym' for exactly six months, now. Good me.
Also, astoundingly, I have lived in this flat for 30 years!  Ohhh, how scary that is.


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