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Simple Pleasures...

Damn, it's hot. The weekend is going to be scorchio, too. I'm still full of free-floating anxiety, largely about benefits, povery, etc.
Guh. Oh yes, there's always dementia to fret about, too. I schlepped to Northcote Road in the sun, and forgot the main thing I went to the pet shop for, extra large litter box liners, wich nobody else around here carries...
Pissed off, I decided to treat myself. Costa, my overpriced, corporate demon-driven coffee shop of choice, has recently started serving Chai Latte...Ohhh boy, it was good. I suggest the skimmed version, though, as full-fat might be a bit sickly. Mine was deelish; really nice and spicy. Brightened my day considerably.
I have fallen into watching CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER  2-3 times a week, I'm afraid, but it finishes tonight, so I'll be saved from myself. Julian (Clary)  to win! I could deal with Martin Kemp, too. Just not one of those idiot boys, or that Coleen wotsis, pleeze.


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