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I popped into TKMaxx and there was one rather battered copy left of that delightful SPITALFIELDS LIFE book, reduced to £5.00 from 10 (originally 20-) Mine. Heh.
It's way too warm,and supposed to be HOT by the weekend. Not fair. Want autumn.
Finished watching series 3 of BREAKING BAD. So horribly good!
This woman who works as a local supermarket cashier looked at me with what seemed to be horror, but said. 'You look REALLY WELL! What have you done? Been away?' I guess it's my  being brown from exercising in the park every day.
My arms feel so hard to the touch, now, I've been pitifully imagining Michelle Obama biceps. Nope, my upper arms still look like hams swathed in saggy wrinkled paper. Meh.

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