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Guy's Hospital...
I really, really loathe that place. The whole London Bridge Station area is unpleasant. I don't like the Shard, etc. etc. AND it takes forever to get there.
After exercising miserably with R Next Door, who was having a pre-Citizens Advice breakdown, I read about Antony Sher's enviably lively life for a bit, then off on the hot, smelly bus for nearly two hours, then another hour or so waiting, then an hour's uncomfortable and creepy ultrascanning on each leg, before schlepping back home The 521 bus is one of the scariest rides in town...constant violent lurching with people being thrown all over the place. I changed to the 87, which was crowded, and we were entertained all the way by a the piercing screams of a spoilt toddler. Ohhyah...
Watched another of those Pete Walker potboilers I remember from my days at WORLD OF HORROR. I hadn't seen this one, HOUSE OF MORTAL SIN, and it wasn't  half bad. Actually, it was surprising they got away with some of the  intense (quite entertaining) anti-Catholicism  in this deleriously lurid tale of a mad priest on a murder rampage. There was a very good performance from Anthony Sharp, an actor previously unknown to me, and Shiela Keith was there, rather wasted in a smallish part.
Worth catching.
Oh, I can't seem to upload my doodles, for some reason. What next?...


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