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High Anxiety...

Don't know what's ailing me, but in addition to being more fatigued than usual, I've been plagued by really morbid anxiety all week; like something profoundly unpleasant is about to zap me. Maybe the Blue Moon has been getting to me...
R Next Door's constant problem arias don't help, either. She's got some sort of trapped nerve, so that she's all weak down one side, due to injuries from her equestrian days. She's been warned she'll end up in a wheelchair, if she doesn't  use crutches regularly, and look after herself. Instead, she insists on punishing exercise regimes and self-starvation. She acknowledges she needs a proper examination to try and see what, if anything, can be done, at this point, but protests she won't go to a British hospital to be murdered. Fact is, she can't afford to go back to Austria for treatment, though, so WTF? I know it's not my problem (I have my own!) but it's wearing listening to all this all the time. She's fuckin' mad (and 'fit for work'!)  I certainly seem to have a tndency to get involved with these 'psychic vampire' type characters. I'm not as vulnerable to them as I used to be, but it seems I still always have at least one of 'em in my life. Guh.


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