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EASTENDERS Phil Mitchell said 'I love you.' to manslaughtering headcase (all Phil's fault-) son Ben, and cried.! Wot next?
Then, the victim, Hev's RL self got evicted from CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. Not fair, as she's moderately less boring than the young 'uns. I know it's Wrong, and I hardly ever look at the original BB  any more, but the celeb version only lasts two weeks and sometimes has some entertaining people. This time, there's the fascinatingly haggard Julie Goodyear, the wonderful Julian Clary, and jovial Martin Kemp.I also confess to being sometimes amused by the kids, none of whom I have ever heard of. They seem to be taking it all rather seriously.
The handsome, nice-but-dim 'Italian Prince'  is obviously not what he appears to be, although the golldigger girls' mouths are watering. One bimbo, Danica, is actually really beautiful, but utterly venal, of course. Her claim to fame is being one of those 'rinsers' who have websites where bedazzled  men are invited to buy them prezzies. 'The Situation', a lumpen young man of no distinction whatever , apart from being rich as a result of his 'reality TV' career-is goofily 'in love' with her...I'm sorry, I can't help myself, I'm hooked.


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