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ropey old twat

There was a sign up in the park inviting people to come along to a supervised workout, with instructions on using the equipment. I only bloody went, and nearly perished. Only one other woman turned up, not nearly as fat as I am, and at least 15 years younger. The instructor, a wiry Polish ex-boxer made us RUN. Of course, I can barely walk, but she prevailed. 'Just keep MOVING', so I stumbled, gasped, and limped around as best I could.,and she let me go on the cross trainer instead, for a while, when I explained I was having trouble keeping my balance. There was more hideous aerobic stuff, and then we did the machines, which I can cope with pretty well, by now. ('You strong!')   I honestly thought I was going to die, though. Just Too Much. (I'd done my usual morning torture as well-)  Still, after some recovery time, I felt reasonably good. May go again next week (Or not.) I'm probably going to be totally crippled in the morning.
Got a copy of the report on my latest hospital visit, which began 'This 65-year-old pleasant lady...' and for some reaon, I thought 'Bite me!'. It seemed patronising, which just indicates how generally paranoid, I am, I suppose. After all, I wouldn't have been best pleased if he'd said 'this unpleasant hag'...

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That's awesome that you went along and managed two exercise sessions! The instructor sounds a little scary though.

The hospital report stuff always sounds patronising, I've had stuff saying pleasant lady or pleasant chat etc. Wonder what they do put if you're not pleasant? Uncooperative?

It's the eyebrows, I can't see Namor anymore without thinking of Garry Glitter

garry glitter

But of course! How did I ever miss that?

Always remember his catch phrase:

I was very chuffed to be referred to as a "pleasant lecturer" or words to that effect after my hospital visit last year. Now I see from comments that it might be standard procedure and I don't feel special any more! (Since I do do my best to be agreeable to hospital/doctor/dentist/nurse/admin bods in general.)

Mind you, they do get a lot of abusive types laying into them, so I suppose getting normal treatment has become something worthy of note to go down in the written records.

Ugh on the running, I always hated that as a fitness exercise, well done on going for it anyway, a trainer person will always push you harder than you would do yourself, so you will likely get faster results, but be careful not to hurt your feet or knees. If she's a properly qualified trainer, she should know how far she and push you and more importantly, when to back off and give you a break one hopes!

Yes, it seems that everybody is 'pleasant', so now I feel less patronised but more 'common'. I guess it's their code for anyone who isn't troublesome and/or abusive!
I don't think you could call what I was doing running, really, more of a wobbly shuffle, but Gawd knows I made an effort! Still feeling it today. She did let me switch to the cross trainer, so that I didn't totally fall over, which I guess was giving me a break...

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pleasant is just code for no trouble I think

The Caption quiz was a watery special. In addition to the prince we found out about lots of obscuro watery heroes (The Fin! Pirana! Er, Rainbow Boy)

Re: pleasant is just code for no trouble I think

Oh, and didn't Wonder Woman have a teen boyfriend called Manno the Merman or something?

Extra torturous exercise session? GOBSMACKED. You are amazing!

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