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Snigger! Naked People...
...As Beavis and Butthead would say. I don't really like the idea of Prince Harry's nude frolics being censored, although I have no particular desire to see his ginger-fringed appendage. Reminds me of the olden days, when huge Royal scandals, known to the rest of the world were kept from the fragile British public.
On the other hand, it's hardly worthy of comment, yer only young once, we've all done similar back in the day, let the kid have his fun, etc.  YET I feel vaguely annoyed that jaunts to nekkid beanos in Las Vegas may have been partially financed by the dime of the oppressed workers of the UK. Hmm.
My sleep pattern is still really messed up, and I feel crook. Gruesome nightmares, too. Last night's was immensely gory, Kevin Spacey was somehow involved , in a council block I once squatted in briefly, at the Oval, and there was a caped maniac running around with a big knife. I was hiding in stair wells and stuff and it was 'orrible.


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People really do care about other people getting naked in public. Stateside we're having a crisis because on a fact finding trip to Israel, a House member took off his clothes for a night swim in the Sea of Gallilee. News stories quoted an Israeli official as saying "Well, we do it all the time here, but we understand Americans are prudes, so .."

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