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Whew, the humidity just oozes on. Luckily, it has cooled off enough that it's not completely overpowering, and I shouldn't complain, anyway,as it's been like 40 degrees on the continent. (I think I would actually die from anything like that-) My joints seem to hurt even more than usual when it's like this, and R Next Door is also hobbling miserably. She does seem to be getting a bit of assistance from her GP at last, with the ATOS thing, but she's got to get herself to the local advice centre, which is a problem for her, as she has a hard time going anywhere  she's not very familiar with, and dealing with strangers. Offering to go with her doesn't help, but hopefully she'll get it together...
I've been feeling too sick to eat, really, but, as usual, it dosn't feel as though I've lost any weight. I must just remember my floppy purple top, which declares I have dropped some flubber since mid-March.
I'm so knackered from the sleepless nights that I've been totally unable to sit through John Huston's FREUD, which is supposed to be a neglected masterpiece. I find it stonkingly boring and interminable, and I've conked out every time I start watching. I'll have to give up, for now.



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