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Another Sleepless Night...
Going to Hell
Boy, this weather is bad for me. All I want to do is sleep to escape it, but you can't sleep properly. It's supposed to be better today, but sure doesn't feel like it yet.
Once again, I did manage my 'workout' yesterday, despite feeling sick, sick, sick.
Still greatly enjoying PALIMPSEST, which I'm trying not to read too quickly. It, and the repeat of an old TV OMNIBUS, has reminded me how very much I liked Gore Vidal. Wotta fascinating guy, and despite his best efforts to conceal it, I think a very compassionate soul.

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I am in awe of your continuing efforts with the exercise, it's fantastic.

I was glad that there was some air conditioning at Caption so I could go hide in there when needed.

Oh, that's good to hear.I didn't realise there was any A/C there at all. It still must have been kind of oppressive, even for those who can cope with hot weather, though. You guys are to be admired.
I feel cheated, and weedy for not going, but what with having left it, 'cos of all the date changes, hospital appointment, etc.,I had nowhere to stay, and would have had to go back and forth on the Oxford Tube in the hideous heat, I would have been way too frelled to enjoy anything, anyway. Bah.
Re exercising; I slipped on a lightweight top this morning that had been too snug around the hips to wear comfortably last summer.Now it flops about in proper caftan fashion. Chortle! Of course, when you're my size, you really don't *look* much different unless you've lost about 10 stone, but the floppy top was verrry gratifying...

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Go you for floppy caftan! And of course your amazing persistence in the workout department.

I just got back from the States after a way-too-hot New York, a way-too-hot Chicago and a way-too-hot Los Angeles. Loving the Southern Hemisphere winter. Ironically, the most bearable, after Alaska which is why I had to go in the summer in the first place (never again!) was Las Vegas despite it being over 40 degrees. Global warming, yay.

Saw a docco that had Ayn Rand in it briefly and she seemed EXTREMELY CREEPY in real life. Those dogs are probably used to anything by now.

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