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Heard curious sounds this morning, rather churchy, but odd...I peered out the windows, but didn't see anything. I heard later that it was the chimes from a Chinese funeral nearby. Kind of a weird, haunting sound.
Absolutely stinking weather, for me. My allergies are totally acting up, and my joints are all hurting like blazes. It's also going to be getting still hotter and more humid (is this possible?) all weekend. That's a definite kibosh on CAPTION for me, then.
There was some maniac in the park this morning on a motorbike, blasting over the lawn, doing high-speed wheelies, etc. His face was covered by a scarf, and he had no plates or anything. R was freaking out, and it was unnerving. If a dog or toddler had run out unexpectedly, it would have been bad news. That was weird, too, like some kind of 'ghost rider'.



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