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ATOS Strikes

OK, I will admit to bouncing up and down hissing 'Go.go,.go!'  at Mo Holkar...
Got my exercise hoop, which so far, is a superfail, but it's one of those things that you can't do until you just accidentally sort of do it, while you're lurching around hopelessly. I know I was quite good at it as a child...
R Next Door got the letter of doom from ATOS, and needless to say, is in total despair and hysterics. She's an annoying drama queen, but I really do feel for her. Apart from her physical problems, she is just so fucking crazy that there's little chance of her getting hired anywhere. What it amounts to is just a big benefit reduction. Oh, and of course, she'll have to do all the applying for jobs she has no chance of getting, all the time, going on absurd, expensive  'courses,' and maybe a spot of slave labour in Poundland or wherever, now and then. I've pointed her to some support groups, etc. and told her to go back to her GP, and Citizens Advice (who of course, are inundated with similar cases-) The poor cow is terrified of ending up on the street, and I know how she feels. It's coming to me, soon, once they get around to stopping DLA. God Damn them to Hell, etc.
Oh well, at least WALLANDER is back. There certainly have been a few Kurts. I like them all, even Ken Branagh, but have a soft spot for Rolf Lassgard, and find him rather attractive; kind of a chubby Sean Bean.



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