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life is pain
Whoa, I feel very strange, today. I had to wait in for the guy to come and sort out the mystery live wire, etc. He had a terrible speech impediment, poor sod, and I couldn't understand his explanation, but he assured me intelligibly enough that it was now safe.
He took The Thing away to his office to try and find out what it is. It's very old.
The pollution was bad, and by the time I could go out, it was just too hot/humid to exercise, and I felt weird and ill, anyway. First day I've missed in absolute ages. I just felt so grim. I get these turns where I feel I really have to cry, but nothing comes out, and it's like my head's gonna explode. I was having nasty little panic attacks, too. Feck.
I'm quite depressed by the prospect of losing a front tooth; can't bear the thought of a denture. My legs are giving me gyp, and I keep thinking about ending up on the street when they take my benefits. It's no fun facing a destitute, sickly old age alone. I wonder if I'd have been better off if I'd stayed with one of my insane boyfriends for the duration? At least I'd have been miserable in company. Aw, fuck it.No point in banging on about it. Glub.

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It's passed into the annals of childhood, hasn't it? Here are its origins.

Sounds like everything's getting on top of you at the moment, not helped by the weather.

Hope something brightens your day up.

You won't be destitute and on the streets- you will live in the special home for retired comix ladies and will be attended by many cats.

Oh, that would be so nice. *Sigh*

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