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Weirdass Monsoon...

R and I had just finished our workouts yesterday when this astounding downpour caught us. In the short distance from the lil' park back to our building, I was completely drenched. Even my underwear was literally wringing wet. I was expecting hail,too, as it was all so intense, but we escaped that. It went on for  about an hour, though. I'd be interested to know just how much fell.
Despite my legs being really bad, I feel a bit less grim today. Missed the Alternative Press Fair again, yesterday, though.
Must say I was shocked to see in this morning's GUARDIAN that even Charlie Booker has fallen prey to Olympic hysteria!
Madness...This crap about the government now promising to spend loads on sport is just the cherry on top...I mean there is no affordable housing in this city, there are people in full-time employment who don't have enough to eat, growing numbers of rough sleepers, not to mention the increasingly scary return of TB. Great God, where art Thou?
Watched THRONE OF BLOOD, which I'd seen decades ago, and couldn't really remember. Quite good.


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