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These 'Greatest......of All Time' lists are always silly, but VERTIGO, which has finally knocked CITIZEN KANE off the top film position, seems a particularly odd choice. I remember being disappointed when I saw it as a child, as my mates and I were expecting a proper horror, and it was totally unscary, even to me, and I've always been so terrified of heights, that I can't clamber  onto the kickstep to change a lightbulb without breaking sweat... I've seen it a couple of times as an adult, but always found it kinda stilted and dumb. I'll have to look at it again, I suppose.
I forgot to take my book down to the park this morning, and got bored waiting for R,( who takes ages to do her stuff, as she keeps stopping for chats with other dog people, etc). I ended up doing a lot of extra exercising, so I'm probably gonna be all achybreaky in the morning.

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Personally I think it's Nostalgia for a simpler sort of Film. Vertigo is complex yes, but there's less thinking going on with that than Kane.

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